Featured image of post AI generated art + misc. happy reflections

AI generated art + misc. happy reflections

the piece is from WOMBO and generated from a set of meaningful words that represent my roommate & me

misc happy reflections below

Treated myself to a coffee tasting and feeling much more optimistic about addressing my burnout.

I think the thing I’m missing is ‘zest for life,’ or some feeling beyond obligation. This helps me understand the finding that taking a vacation might not sustainably treat burnout - vacations might help with rediscovering the feeling, but if you can’t find ways to insert pockets of joy into your normal life, then it’s back to square one.

Hopefully, this means that my current plan of staying in my normal but really trying to find atelic activities will bear fruit. If I can find pockets of joy here while I’m not working, then I can carry those over when I do start working here.

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